System Analysis

StationDaWhat can we Offer

We work closely with our clients to understand the difficulties they are experiencing with their pumping systems so that we can bring to the table ideas and solutions that will help to solve their pump and system related problems.

We appreciate that organisations are under pressure to make savings and at the same time given limited budgets to fund the savings. We therefore, wherever possible, combine our broad knowledge of the pumping sector with comprehensive local knowledge and support as this is the best way our clients will get first class support from us.

Pump Consultancy

Our pump engineers have accumulated many years of knowledge by working on various projects including pump station design, pump testing, pump refurbishing and pump station optimisation. They are able to analyse the vast amounts of data generated by the pump monitoring equipment to build a picture of the current operating conditions of your pumping system.

Once we know how your system is behaving, we can then put forward suggestions to help. If we find your pumping system is performing well then we will say so but from our experience, most pumping systems do not work to the best of their capability and in the process are wasting energy.


  • Over 100¬†years of pumping knowledge within the company
  • Leaders in the area of Testing Pumps using the thermodynamic technique
  • Board knowledge of the pumping sector
  • Testing pumps and reporting on their performance
  • Testing pumping systems and reporting on their performance
  • Continuously monitoring your pumping system and making energy saving recommendations

Site SurveySampleReports

The site survey begins by our engineers discussing with you, your current concerns regarding the pumping assets managed by you or your company. We then gather information from site documents, visit the pumping station to inspect the pumps and collect data from your SCADA system to help us better understand your current pumping system

Our pump engineers will produce an initial report highlighting their findings along with suggestion to improve system efficiency.

Pump Performance

If you agree with our findings and want to proceed, we carry out accurate pump tests using thermodynamic pump testing equipment. The pump performance curves along with the system curve will be re-created to allow us to do very detailed calculations regarding the performance of your current pumping system.