The Acuity Wireless Thermodynamic Pump Monitor

A World First

Fixed Wireless Pump Monitor

The Acuity  Wireless Thermodynamic Pump Monitor uses the thermodynamic technique to measure the temperature and pressure differences across the pump to evaluate pump efficiency.

The schematic shows a typical system layout for a single pump monitoring device fitted to a pump and motor set. The Pump Monitor is fitted to the pump permanently, recording performance data including pump head, power, pump efficiency and pump flow rate in real time.

Pump Monitoring Components

  • A suction temperature probe
  • A delivery temperature probe
  • A suction pressure transducer
  • A delivery pressure transducer
  • A three phase power analyser measuring instantaneous power
  • A data processing unit to record and view results
  • A suction t-piece to allow the temperature probe and pressure transducer to share the same tapping
  • A delivery t-piece to allow the temperature probe and pressure transducer to share the same tapping

Acuity  helps the station operator to see the real time performance of the pump. The operators can then switch pumps on and off based on factual data being shown to them via the Acuity dashboard in the control room.

Acuity  can identify pumping energy savings in some or all of the areas below:

  • Indicating pump efficiency
  • Pump flow rate
  • Scheduling of pumps
  • Removing pump throttling
  • Data to help with impeller trimming
  • Proactive rather than reactive pump maintenance
  • Calibration of flow meters
  • Variable speed pump control settings
  • System head management
  • Network optimisation

  • Continuous monitoring of pump performance
  • Wireless temperature probes and pressure transducers
  • Easy installation
  • A touch screen display
  • Current operating point of the pump
  • Scheduling of pumps

The Acuity  pump performance data is used to schedule pumps, reduce pumping energy costs or to plan pump maintenance.

The wireless probes are fitted to the pipe work either side of the pump (in the suction and discharge pipework of the pump). The data manager is fitted in the pump room to collect data from the sensors and to display performance data in real-time to the operators.

The power analyser is fitted inside the power switch gear to record the instantaneous power of the pump.

The Acuity  dashboard allows operators or managers to access pump performance data and to drill down to view detailed results.

REDUCING PUMPING ENERGY COSTS The Acuity  has repeatedly reduced the running cost of pumping stations by ca. 5% or more.

REDUCED INSTALLATION TIME No need to plan, purchase or install cables around the pumping station. The sensors are fitted directly to the pipe work either side of the pump.

IMPROVED FLEXIBILITY The sensors can be fitted to pumps that have in the past been difficult to reach. The sensors come as pairs but can be swapped with another pair within minutes, a task that would have taken hours with the cable system.

LOWER COSTS The product has a lower cost of ownership:

  • No cabling costs
  • No need for electricians to wire in the product onsite
  • No need for days/weeks of installation work
  • No delays in activating the system due to installation work

HIGH RELIABILITY The sensors are self contained and once assembled during manufacture, the sensors do not require attention. This ensures that the product reaches you in perfect working order. The wired product required hours of installation work onsite.

WIRELESS NETWORK The wireless network has been tested in the most demanding environments, with a 99.9% connection reliability.

ACCURACY The Acuity  can measure pump efficiency and flow rate to an accuracy of ±0.5% or better.