Pump Monitor Software Suite

The Pump Monitor Software Suite contains a host of programs to improve the performance of your pumps and to reduce the day to day running costs of pumping water. The tools are used by pump operators as well as pump owners.

The data collection tools run locally on the assigned hardware while the data processing tools are web based, allowing users to access them via a secure connection to the water company network.

Acuity Dashboard4Screens

The Acuity Dashboard is installed on the station industrial computer (or HMI), scanning all pump monitors within the station and recording their data to the station database as well as displaying real time pump performance values for the station operators to view.

With features such as mimic display, real-time charting, alarm notifications and pump testing built in, the pump operator has all the information they need to make informed decisions regarding pump operation.

The station pump monitor SCADA feeds its data to a central server that is accessible via a web browser. This allows station managers to look at the live and recorded data from a location other than the station.

The web application software is installed on a secure server and all users are given a unique username and password to access the system. In practice, the server sits inside the water company


Pump SchedulerPump Scheduling

The dynamic pump scheduler uses static and real time data to help pump operators to select the least cost pump combination day after day, reducing pumping energy cost and extending the life of the pump.

The pump scheduler routinely derives demand forecasts, pump and valve schedules and optimal reservoir profiles, utilising a connection to telemetry to obtain live data.

One package per station is required to reduce pumping energy costs through scheduling of pumps.


SCADA Connect

The SCADA Connect module links your existing SCADA system to the real time Pump Monitor data. Use this module to import Pump Monitor data in to your existing SCADA system.


Pump AnalyserOnlineSheet

This is a web based charting application to analyse the data captured by the fixed or portable pump monitoring equipment. The recorded data is uploaded to the central server via a secure connection. Each user or company has a unique access code to allow them to analyse the data. The data is processed to produce pump performance curves for individual pumps or system analysis carried out for groups of pumps.